Planned Maintenance

Winterhalter dishwasher arms

Prevent The Breakdowns

A broken machine leads to added pressure and costs for your business. 
What if we can help prevent these breakdowns and make sure your machine is running as efficiently as possible? With our planned maintenance packages, we inspect your machine and replace worn parts before they fail, reducing the hidden cost’s to your business

Our Maintenance Packages


Our Silver Package is ideal for customers who are looking for a one-off service. 


Our Gold Package consists of 2 PPM’s per year, as well as reduced call-out and labour rates

Benefits Of Planned Service

Reduce Breakdowns

Recognising when components are failing and replacing them before they cause disruption to your operation

Sparkling Results

Get your machine set-up so your results are sparkling. Gleaming plates and sparkling glasses


We can provide training and guide you through best practices and how best to avoid potential breakdowns

Increase Lifespan

Through regular maintenance and thorough cleaning, your investment will last longer with an increased lifespan 

Planned Around You

We arrange the planned maintenance visits with you so we can fit in with your schedule

Reduce Hidden Costs

Preventing breakdowns before they happen helps reduce the hidden costs your business faces

Book A Maintenance Visit

Don’t wait until your machine has broken down to call us. Contact us today to schedule your preventative maintenance and keep your equipment running smoothly. Call, email or fill out the form, and we will get your call booked in.

Local Service Area

To keep our service efficient and quick, we operate a local service area around the West Midlands and surrounding areas

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